Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Within a Blog

Want a way to nicely organize information in your blog? How about doing a blog within a blog? (Scroll down to see an example.)

Here's a solution I created for a teacher who wanted to post links to student's stories (created in Word) within her classroom blog. Our first attempt was to upload each story into a Google Doc; publish it as a web page; and then link to each story from the blog. That required a lot of steps and was pretty time-consuming!

The blog within a blog solution provides an easier method -- and it allows the teacher, parents, and others to add comments to individual student stories.

I'm assuming you already have a classroom blog. (If not, you'll need to create one.) Then do the following:

1. Create a second blog and add a post for each student's story. (Like this.)

2. Click here and follow the online prompts to turn your story blog into a widget (actually called a "blidget".) You will need a widgetbox account / login for this step. (It is free!)

3. Click the "Get Widget" button; copy the provided embed code.

4. Paste the embed code into a post in your classroom blog. (See example below...)

5. Viewers can click the "Holiday Stories" title to see all student stories, or they can click the student's name to see an indivual story.

One more cool thing -- when new posts are added to the "Holiday Stories" blog, they are automatically added to the blidget!

Friday, December 14, 2007

4th Grade Holiday Stories

Click a student's name below to view
his / her story: